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Photo above was taken around 1980 at Northam in Western Australia. I am currently a member of the Soaring Model Society of WA (SMSWA) who fly on Yokine Reserve (photo below) on Saturdays. As a member you can fly at Yokine seven days a week and I often fly with a small group whenever the weather permits.

Radio Controlled Model Flying Field at Yokine Reserve.

Below: A bit of history or skip that and continue to the Radio Controlled Model Planes and Helicopters that I have in my hanger here.


Radio Controlled Model Planes.

Hi, my name is John Dwyer and after a break of around 40+ years I have taken up flying Radio Controlled Model Planes (original photos here) again and a hell of a lot has changed since then. Now you can buy them RTF (Ready to Fly) ARF (Almost ready to Fly) and PNP (Plug and Play) and battery power seems the way to go. They are also relatively inexpensive.

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

I also tried flying Radio Controlled Model Helicopters a few years back. (photos here)

I say try because I didn't have a whole lot of success. I started with a Ming Hong 383 27mhz 2ch helicopter for $49.99. That lasted for half a dozen flights but I reckon I got my money's worth and I was hooked. Little did I know how much time and money this hobby was going to end up costing me but you can't take it with you.

Most of the time I don't have a clue what I am doing so this is not a site full of technical stuff. All I am doing is writing down what I do as I go along so that I know what I have done and perhaps you will learn from my mistakes.


Where they say an item is RTF (Ready to Fly) ARF (Almost ready to fly) or PNF (Plug and Fly) just forget that bit because none of them really are if you are just starting out, however they are a lot easier to put together that they were in the old days. While I hadn't had any experience with foam models I wasn't sure if I liked them or not but now that I have assembled a few I am a convert though I still like the balsa and wood models with the proper covering. Only now I have a choice.

Right: Great video of helicopter pilot(s) getting kid's RC model plane out of a tree.

I am also a bit of an impulse buyer and have way too many models in my Hanger in various stages of build.

Why so many planes? I love the feeling I get when I buy them and it's like Christmas when I get them and then I enjoy putting them together. Being able to buy Online at any time of the day or night doesn't help.

While I have gone overboard and bought models that I personally like, most of them are beyond my ability at the moment.

Hopefully I will be good enough to fly them all one day. Not at the same time though!

You might like to consider starting off with a flight simulator before purchasing a model because not only are they fun but they will teach you to fly and therefore save you money in the long run. I use a Phoenix V4 Flight Simulator with my Spektrum Transmitter and also have a Realflight 6.5 Flight Simulator which comes with it's own transmitter but there are others out there. If you can't fly on a simulator the odds are that you won't be able to fly a real radio controlled model though that doesn't apply to everyone of course.

Either way you should try and get to a club and have someone with experience fly your model and trim it out first and then have them stand by when you fly in case you get into trouble. Most clubs let you fly a couple of times before having to become a member so you can take advantage of this.

Continue to the Radio Controlled Model Planes and Helicopters that I have in my hanger.

RocHobby/FMS 4S 2200/3000 P51 'Strega'

I keep buying Radio Controlled Model Planes and Helicopters because the next one that I see is the best but I really have found the best looking one at least. It is a RocHobby P51 Strega capable of flying at 150kph which I bought in Australia but I would buy the next one from Hobby Paradise because their prices are pretty much the same delivered, their service is better and that have all the spare parts. More information here


I eventially crashed my Drifter but bought a new frame so it is all good to go again and I finally got around to flying my Hobbyzone Delta Ray but only managed to get through one and a bit batteries before I lost control of it and it went it's own way More here

My Monocoupe finally hit the deck harder than it should have however I have new parts for it so as soon as I put everything together agin whe will be good to go.

I Crashed my Fly Baby for the second time (photo below with Graham Sulley) and I am not sure if it is worth fixing again. More here

I have also flown and crashed my UMX Carbon Cub SS and UMX SBACH and UMX Beast but managed to fly my UMX Gee Bee and UMX Pitts without crashing them so far. The others have been fixed.

Graham Sulley with the left overs to my Fly BabyI crashed my ICON A5 after fixing it and while the bits can't be glued back together you can buy parts so it isn't a write off.

I got the new parts for my VisionAire so that is ready to fly again and is knocking up a fair bit of air time.

I have flown my Bixler2, Walrus and Phoenix 2000 gliders without any problems along with my World War 11 Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a from Parkzone.

I successfully maidened my Corsair F4U Mini but broke a prop second time around. Hobby Paradise carry spare props in case you need one.

I successfully maidened my Parkzone Adagio and that is still in working order :-)

I successfully Maidened my RocHobby P51 Strega but crashed it on the third flight. I got spares from Hobby Paradise and then went and hit a tree demolishing the model here

The next plane to take to the sky was a HobbyKing j3 Piper cub which I also crashed and and that was replaced by a HobbyKing Stearman PT-71 which literally fell over breaking a few bits. I want to add rigging to that so that is on the shelf for the moment.

I have had a couple of rough landings with my Parkzone Archer but it is easily fixed and I am getting some flights in with that.

I finally got my Albatros D. V11 in the air and affter some initial problems with the cabane's breaking that has been fixed and I have had a heap of flights with that model.